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The MindPlace Proteus is considered a standard among the industry faithful for it’s once revolutionary “bicolor” display glasses. This device was the first mind machine to combine colors in the display mixing them simultaneously to help enhance the users experience. As a matter of fact, although the glasses only come with 4 red and 4 green LED lights, to the brain, the display can produce over four thousand perceived colors. Mind blown yet? The binaural┬ábeats with this machine are just as effective as any other. However, this

Binaural Beat Glasses

The Proteus glasses use the traditional direct approach and can produce over four thousand color variations.

device can be used with commercial tracks as well.

The mindplace line of products was my first introduction to the mind machine industry and a good one at that. This company produces a line of devices to cover different experiences and levels for it’s users. As previously mentioned the Proteus is kind of a legend so I had to give it a try. For the little money you put out for this one the experience is more then great. The companies own website highlights the devices balance of bang for the buck.

Like the previously mentioned MindSpa, the Proteus gives the user control over the intensity of the binaural beats and display. This manual control is a good feature but the engineers at mindplace took it a step further. Instead of the user making adjustments until things are just right, the Proteus can make these adjustments for you in real time with the help of another product known as thought stream. This technology is known as biofeedback and it takes such variables as heart beat and breath into consideration to make appropriate adjustments. So if the user is feeling clam, the binaural beats might slow and the glasses might display green. Turns out the word revolutionary still apply’s to this amazing device today!

Simple effective controls perfect for beginners.

Simple effective controls perfect for beginners.

Although the biofeedback help seems like a great way to enjoy this already feature packed machine, I have yet to personally try it. Leaving the adjustments up to different variables makes the technology seem almost perfect so it is definitely on my to do list in the near future. If you are brand new to mind machines, it’s my personal advice to start with the mindplace line. All the machines we have featured on this site have their own unique benefits but this company offers good value which will allow you to see if the mind machine experience is for you before shelling out any serious money.

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